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Sugar parents can provide an easy source of income, but there can be downsides. Illustration: Rigby Guerroro • The Sentry

Sugar parents can provide an easy source of income, but there can be downsides.
Illustration: Rigby Guerroro • The Sentry

the pros and cons of a sugar parent-sugar child relationship

A Sugar Daddy/Momma is, according to, a man or woman with, “Abundant resources… looking for someone to share in his (or her) extraordinary life.” Rich men and women share their wealth in meaningful ways in return for a relationship, and with the Valentine’s holiday just around the corner, there are still many around the world looking for someone to share the day with. While Tinder and Grindr are out there getting folks some quick action, there are still those old-timey romantics out there looking for a true love connection. What defines truer love than money? These are the pros and cons of having a Sugar Daddy. 

Pro number one: a ‘sugar’ relationship is not all about sex. Sugar Daddies pay for companionship in all senses of the word. That means a Sugar Baby can be asked to travel the world, be gifted luxury items, and go on dates with their honey bunny, but they are allowed to have boundaries, such as no sexy times when dating, as well. Con number one: of course, everyone must be careful with who they go out with, including rich people. This is common sense, so does it really count? Probably not. 

Pro number two: there are no commitments. Sure, there is the potential for ‘sugar’ relationships to last months, or even longer, but according to YouTuber Sugar Baby Kaeden Harveland, most Sugar Daddies are, “International or traveling a lot,” meaning one or two dates is the average length of a ‘sugar’ relationship. There is no way to ‘lazily’ make money; however, there are smarter ways of making money, and when an hour-long date can make a Sugar Baby hundreds of dollars with no commitment, why not go for it? Con number two: there is the fact that… Well of course a person must think about… It is true… This is a hard one. This is a topic that needs some serious thinking and revisiting. 

Pro number three: anyone can be a Sugar Baby. Whether straight or part of the LGBTQ+ community, there is a Sugar Daddy, Momma, or Person out there waiting for someone to fall into their loving (and uber rich) arms. The world is a vast place and Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any to start a very mutually beneficial relationship with a Sugar Daddy in the near vicinity. Con number two: there are none. It has been decided by the entities that reside over relationships and true love that there is only one Con to having a Sugar Daddy and it is the same Con for every relationship: some people can be creeps, so be careful.

The results are in, and they lean favorably towards being a Sugar Baby and having a Sugar Daddy. 

So, go bravely on, Sugar Babies. Break through this tyrannical economy by having an amazing job with outstanding benefits. Everyone needs a companion, why not get paid for it by being the Sugariest of Babies? Apply now at and make the world jealous by having the entrepreneurial mindset of someone who has ascended reality itself. It is a time of giving, Sugar Babies, give an hour of time to someone lonely. It is also a time of receiving, that means using that lonely rich person’s money for all those Sugar Baby needs. 

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