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Daily Archives: February 5, 2020

Letter to the Editor

Proposition CC and the taxpayer bill of rights Opinion by Lindsey Rasmussen Colorado currently leads the nation in four-day school weeks as of this past September. Over 61% of our school districts have recently started their school year on a weekly schedule of Monday-Thursday or

Does Joker deserve a Best Picture nomination?

yes, it made a clear impact on cinemagoers Opinion by Alexander Elmore With 11 Academy Award nominations, Joker is already the most honored film of the year—and the 92 Oscar ceremony has yet to happen. The sheer number of nominations given to the film has

The Plot Thickens

Red Windmill Yes, Noelle, I’m finally doing it: writing about the only movie that would appear on both our top ten favorite films list: Moulin Rouge!.  While I was 100% alive in 2001, I was only two years old, so I didn’t see the film

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Developing From a Negative

The Rewatch What is ‘best’ in entertainment fluctuates from person to person but there are certain pieces of entertainment that transcend all obstacles to become staples of our society.  The shows that first come to my mind that hold this level of popularity are: I

Cheer gets audiences pumped up

Cheerleading is not some mythical beast created by the Bring It On franchise; it’s actually a real sport. Netflix’s new docuseries Cheer reveals the inner workings of competitive college cheerleading, complete with injuries, camaraderie, and deep-set rivalry.   Cheer follows the Navarro College Cheer Team

Saint Motel is just Denver’s type

Indie group brings their biggest hits It was a cold, cold Tuesday outside the Ogden Theatre: but soon enough started to buzz with energy as concertgoers began to fill the space. The stage was set for the opening act KOLARS, a duo from Los Angeles

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The brain’s “full body workout”

How music affects the brain Having trouble readjusting to a school schedule? It may be time to pick up a musical instrument. For centuries, the puzzle of the human brain has only been observed from a behavioral standpoint or in postmortem dissection. But in recent


“Counting Stars” This past weekend I got to adventure up to Dillon, Colorado with one of my good friends since my sophomore year of college. The main reason for the hour and a half trip was to see the Ice Castles (I really don’t recommend

Words from a wallflower

My heart has been set on going to law school at the University of Oregon. It’s the only school I’ve toured that has family law with a concurrent master’s program in journalism. I felt like I was home when I toured the campus.  I’ve been

Reasons why Hollywood might produce lousy entertainment

Strikes for fair pay could lead to a rut or unoriginal media Opinion by Frankie Spiller Writer’s strikes are nothing new. In 1959, the organization known as the Writers Guild of America (WGA), went on a six-month strike in order to gain health and pension