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Photo: Alex Stallsworth · The Sentry

Photo: Alex Stallsworth · The Sentry
Opportunities available for every budget

On the flight back home from a study-abroad experience, the pre-departure stress and worries have drifted away, miles behind. Before taking off into the new and unknown, it can be exhausting and nerve-wracking. It’s daunting for many to imagine leaving behind everything and immersing themselves in a completely new reality, and for those that love the idea, the price tag can be intimidating. But what many don’t realize is a semester in Beijing can actually be cheaper than a semester in Denver. And beyond that, The Office of Global Education (OGE) is here to help every step of the way in making the thought into a real, life-changing experience.  

The first thing that the OGE can dispel is an insurmountable price-tag. From a few weeks to a full year, there are a wide variety of options to pick from, and the short-term experiences can be much more affordable, usually between three and five thousand. Even for the programs that do have a heftier price, funding opportunities are everywhere—CU administered and third party. CU’s World Within Your Reach Scholarship pays for the entire program, and there are many on-going online opportunities like the Gilman Scholarship that can make a huge difference in tackling the cost. Saira Hamidi, a Study Abroad Coordinator who manages Internship Programs Abroad as well as marketing and outreach—an all-around Global Ed Guru— talked about “Sticker Shock” as one of the biggest mental barriers for students to overcome. It’s less the actual cost and more so the feeling that it can’t be paid for.  

“The money comes from so many different places” Hamidi said, and that is what she and the OGE can help students find, apply for, and potentially earn.  

Maybe a student close to graduation feels like they’ve already missed the window, but that’s not the case. The Internship Programs Abroad (IPA) can be the most personalized international experiences. Before 2015, they weren’t offered. But today, faculty members like Hamidi are dedicated to creating a personal experience that serves both as a career and an abroad experience. Hamidi herself has studied, lived, and worked abroad, so she understands the value of international education and brings a bright and electrifying energy to the process of preparing to study abroad. It is, after all, an electrifying experience—designing the trip can be, too.  

  The office is continuing to expand while still revamping current programs to fit the desires of students. With the new Lynx Connect office space, getting answers to any questions is a streamlined process—whether it be for studying abroad, an internship, or resume building for an abroad scholarship.  

“We’re all here,” said Hamidi. They can all access each other immediately and utilize one another’s resources and expertise. In reiteration of the office’s mantra, the world truly is within the reach of any student—now more than ever at CU Denver.  

The deadline for the Internship application is February 10

 Study Abroad Fair Wednesday January 29 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Tivoli Turnhalle

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