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Daily Archives: January 29, 2020

Drop the gun, pick up the sword

An increase in the popularity of swords will drive down gun violence The year is 1364. Overall, not very exciting, except for the fact that it is the year of the first ever recorded use of a firearm. The same year society started going downhill.

Developing From a Negative

The Art of the Game My partner and I rotate between two core gaming groups and filter in and out of others throughout the year.  This gives us great opportunities to play many different types of games with many different types of gamers.  For most

An Open Letter to Streaming Services

Please stop multiplying Dear entertainment industry, please stop. Consumers enjoy binge-watching television shows on a regular basis, this is true, but stop releasing new streaming services.  Is there really such a demand for Lifetime movies that there needs to be a streaming service for it?

What’s better: spring or fall semester?

Springtime brings sunshine Opinion by Sang Dao When a new semester begins, there is nothing better than looking forward to warmer weather. The sun does not go down before dinner, and everything is alive rather than dead and withered by the brutal winter.   Compared

The Plot Thickens

“Play it again, Sam” I’ve been misquoting Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs my whole life. As it turns out, the line is not “mirror, mirror, on the wall who is fairest of them all?” but is instead “magic mirror on the wall, who is

Underwater makes waves

Seven miles below the surface of the ocean, there is no light, temperatures are freezing cold, and the things that live there are more terrifying than anything out of a horror movie. This is the setting for the recently released film Underwater, directed by William

Winter of Poetry in Cherry Creek

As part of their Winter of Reading program, Denver Public Library (DPL) hosts a variety of activities throughout the chilly season. Amidst the boujee atmosphere of Cherry Creek, several shops installed neatly printed and laminated poems in their windows. Each of the selected works relate

Words from a wallflower

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.” That was the quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn I saw on a plaque that was one of many on a bridge above a freeway in Denver, and it summed how I felt on this past Saturday. The

1917 takes audiences to the front line

A black title card establishes the date: April 6, 1917.  This date isthe day the United States Congress approved a declaration of war against Germany and its allies during The Great War.   The story that follows the title card is fictional, but writers Sam Mendes