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Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

While spending my break in Washington, I realized that my bedroom feels a bit like a time capsule. The numerous slots I have for pictures hold images from over 10 years ago and those of people who are no longer in my life. I strategically replaced the pictures of people who I’ve drifted apart from with some that wouldn’t disrupt the nostalgia. 

Meanwhile, in my apartment in Denver, I’ve since replaced the pictures that once hung on my bedroom door and walls with ones that currently reflect the important people in my life.

When comparing my two rooms, it’s interesting to see the people who have been there for me for a significant period of time and those who have made just as much of an impact in a shorter span. There’s no denying that I’m an extremely sentimental person, especially as I start my last semester of undergrad and realize that those pictures will most likely change again in the future. 

Nonetheless, the pictures I have displayed now are all of people who have gotten me to this point—this terrifying yet exciting point where one chapter is starting to come to a close. 

These past five weeks of break (with my favorite day consisting of hearing rain land on the roof, reading a book, and watching movies while eating Krispy Kreme) gave me the relaxation period I needed from Fall semester to tackle this last one. 

While I might be a bit emotional right now, feeling overwhelmed with changes that will inevitably happen in four months, I must remind myself that exciting moments will come before that. I’ve been told to make this semester count and to take things as they come. Usually I look so far into the concerns of the future that I forget the extraordinary thing right in front of me—the present. I’m not going to take this semester for granted as it will surely pass just as quickly as these past three years. 

And while some of the pictures I capture this semester will eventually be changed out, some will be proudly displayed wherever I end up, and they too will become a sort of time capsule. 

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