Releasing their first compilation album between members of Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Records, JACKBOYS, consists of members Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Octavian, Chase B, and Travis Scott himself present JACKBOYS. The seven track EP features other prolific artists in the rap business, such as Quavo, Offset, Young Thug, and Lil Baby, making JACKBOYS overly crowded and full of gibberish mumble rap lyricism. 

Opening with a remix to Scott’s hit single, “Highest in the Room Remix,” featuring Lil Baby and Spanish singer Rosalia, the song doesn’t feature any of the JACKBOYS except for Travis Scott. However, the song plays to its strengths with an infectious beat that especially flows smoothly and euphonically during Rosalia’s snippet midway through the track. Then, for some odd reason, the next track, “JACKBOYS,” is a 46 second instrumental interlude that adds nothing to the momentum built in the opening track. 

The track “Gang Gang” opens poorly to Travis Scott saying “Yeah” multiple times in a dreaded melancholy tone. The beat then drops to steady bass and percussion only to have Scott’s verse be overshadowed by JACKBOYS yelling “Gang, Gang” in the background. 

“Had Enough” rides on the back of Don Toliver, who carries his own to the trap-like beat and trades verses with Offset and Quavo. “Out West,” featuring Young Thug, is one of the better songs of the EP. Along a mellow trap beat with steady flute play, the lyricism of Thug and Scott creates a dynamic-duo atmosphere. 

The track “What to Do?” is a repetitive feature of an over auto-tuned Don Toliver and JACKBOYS to a dramatic and not-so-hype melody that is used in most of Scott’s album Astroworld. Concluding with “Gatti,” featuring Pop Smoke, the Brooklyn rapper with a heavy, raspy voice, washes out the melody that could have ended the album on a good note. 

JACKBOYS has its moments here and there, yet it doesn’t bring the same punch audiences are used to, especially from Travis Scott.

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