The most student-friendly coffee shop in Denver

Leela’s serves coffee and cocktails late at night. Photo: Alex Stallsworth · The Sentry

Leela’s European Café
Leela’s serves coffee and cocktails late at night.
Photo: Alex Stallsworth · The Sentry

At first glance through the large front windows, Leela’s European Café doesn’t look like much. But upon entering the establishment, it becomes clear that this is not an average run of the mill coffee shop.  

Instead, it’s a trendy study space that serves both coffee for those late nights and alcohol for those more aggravating ones. The large array of seating choices makes this establishment user-friendly and comfortable for any person’s taste.  

Along with serving a variety of beverages, ranging from coffee drinks to cocktails to beer to spiked caffeinated beverages, Leela’s also offers a plethora of choices in food. This includes the typical pastries found at most coffee joints, to appetizers that can be equated to those served at a bar and grill, to breakfast options for those who take advantage of their 24-hour operation hours and decide to spend all night studying there. 

In the interest of continuing the trend of trying to appeal to all different tastes, Leela’s also has over 15 different vegetarian options on their menus for those who prefer to keep meat on the animal and off their plates. For all the vegans out there, Leela’s offers a variety of salads which can be tweaked slightly upon ordering to fit the preferences of the customer.  

What makes Leela’s European Café the most college friendly however, is how lovingly it treats one’s wallet. All flavored espresso drinks are only five dollars, and one can order a single heaping plate of crispy chili cheese fries that could easily feed three hungry CU Denver Men’s lacrosse players who have just finished playing a tough game for a mere nine dollars. The most expensive item on the menu is their main course dishes which run at 12 dollars a plate.  

Auraria students can bring laptops, backpacks, student tears and IDs and have a drink at Leela’s European Café, a short walk from Auraria at 15th street and Champa Street. 

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