@realdonaldtrump’s best moments on social media

Donald Trump posted a photo with his head on rock’s body. Photo courtesy of @realdonaldtrump/Twitter

Donald Trump posted a photo with his head on Rocky’s body.
Photo courtesy of @realdonaldtrump/Twitter

making america confused again

President Donald Trump has had many interesting moments on social media in the past decade—especially on Twitter, seemingly the President’s favorite site. He is known to tweet at early hours and make humorous spelling errors that circulate the internet as memes for weeks after the initial post. Who could forget the infamous “covfefe” tweet of May 2017? Or the more recent poorly edited photo of a military dog receiving a medal of honor for capturing and killing the leader of ISIS posted earlier this month on Instagram? Or the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library that was brilliantly assembled by Comedy Central and the Daily Show to showcase the President’s most influential Twitter moments? To dissect some of Trumps most memorable moments on social media, they will be broken up into Instagram and Twitter moments with an honorable mention from Facebook. 

On Twitter, thanks to the trending page and ability to see other users’ likes, the President’s tweets become viral. Some of his tweets have to do with important things such as policy changes and endorsement of fellow Republicans who are running for office, whereas some are of less importance and are far more meme-able for their odd word choices and humorous spelling errors. Take the “covfefe” tweet. It reads in full: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe” with no punctuation and no end tweet. Not only was the initial tweet iconic, but the tweets and interactions afterward launched it to internet fame. The President mentioned “covfefe” in a following tweet, asking for a definition of the new word. 

However, on Instagram, the President posts less regularly than on Twitter, but just as unabashedly. A quick scroll through President Trump’s Instagram feed shows the viewers reposted videos from Fox News, seas of red from his continuous campaign rallies, and a handful of memes, including a video depicting US Rep. Schiff as Pinocchio during the impeachment trial. 

Perhaps most notably, however, is his recent post of an image of his face photoshopped onto the body of Sylvester Stallone from the film Rocky. The image, which appeared on both Instagram and Twitter, does not include a caption, leading to much online debate. It has been liked on Twitter nearly 700,000 times, and liked on Instagram almost 2 million times. It may very well be Mr. Trump’s crowning achievement in internet absurdity.

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