Most perfectly disatrous gender reveal

The smoke turned from blue to black. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

The smoke turned from blue to black.
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

For expectant parents, nothing is quite as exciting as finding out whether the nursery will be plastered with blue airplanes or pink flowers. This bubbling over of excitement put the world into the golden era of gender reveals. Artificially colored cakes have been sliced, watermelons have been thrown into the mouths of hippos, but all pale in comparison to the ones that go wrong. 

The best failure? A car explosion. 

Picture it. Australia. Gold Coast. The trend of revealing a baby’s gender via burnouts swept the region. Friends and family of the pregnant couple somehow rig a car to create a certain color of smoke when burning out the tires. Slam the brakes, floor the gas, and let the pluming colored smoke indicate whether the baby will be George or Georgina.  

In early 2019, one couple decided to learn their baby’s gender through glorious smoke. A black sedan in a drone footage begins to accelerate and brake, causing the car to spew blue smoke. Oh joyous day! Blue planes it is! The pregnant couple—in the immediate vicinity of the smoking vehicle, remember—clasp their hands to their faces, embracing each other in a beautiful, smoke-filled scene.  

The car keeps going. And going. AND GOING. For the love of God, everyone can tell that it’s blue. Then suddenly, what’s that in the blue smoke? Why is that smoke black?  

If the guess is the engine exploding, that’d be correct. 

Flames spew out of the vehicle. Does the driver stop and immediately run to safety? Of course not. Remember, this is Australia, where dangers lurk behind every mundane task. 

The drone footage cuts, revealing only black smoke seeping out of the car that is now a sizzling metal heap. Only then does the driver casually step out of the vehicle. 

No Aussies were injured in this reveal gone wrong, but boy does it teach a lesson. A Queensland Police spokeswoman said it best: “Usually, people just have a cake.”

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