Best celebrity crush: Keanu Reeves

Photo courtesy of IMP Awards

Photo courtesy of IMP Awards
An unproblematic king

Keanu Reeves has been a heartthrob since his first hit movie, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. But as of 2019, he has gained popularity for not only maintaining his handsome features, such as his long black locks and genuine smile, but has also won many hearts because of his friendly personality and kind demeanor.

His popularity grew immensely in 2019 when he starred in three new movies: Toy Story 4, John Wick 3, and Always Be My Maybe, as well as a role in new video game Cyberpunk 2077. Fans are also anticipating his appearance in The Spongebob Movie 2, and Bill & Ted 4. He was also the star of many quirky but wholesome internet memes, most notably a video clip in which he calls out to an audience member, “You’re breathtaking!” This video clip, along with memes and articles written about his everyday humility and kindness, perpetuated his positive reputation among younger generations.

Reeves is respectful of his fans, friends, and family, especially the women in his life. He has never faced allegations of abuse, sexual assault, or making sleazy comments. While some may view this as heroic, Reeves and many of his fans just see respectful behavior as the bare minimum, and something everyone can and should strive for. Reeves has been nothing if not a positive role model, especially for young men. In a society plagued by a narrow idea of what masculinity should be, Reeves is a beacon of non-toxic, wholesome masculinity. 

Obviously, no human is perfect. Even handsome and friendly people make mistakes, and it’s important to see celebrities as human beings and not idols. That being said, there is nothing wrong with having a celebrity crush, and what better actor to crush on than Keanu Reeves? 2019 brought him popularity, and brought everyone else a wonderful example of how to maintain fame, fortune, and not be a massive prick. Film enthusiasts and casual fans everywhere are excited to see what he brings to 2020.

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