Ben Neufeld’s best (and not worst) friends

Ben (second from left) and three of his best friends. Photo courtesy of Benjamin Neufeld

Ben (second from left) and three of his best friends.
Photo courtesy of Benjamin Neufeld

the cream of the crop of his friends

This article is a list of Benjamin Neufeld’s (me) best friends. Matt: A very good friend. I’ve known him for about six years, but we’ve only been friends for five. Still, I have made many memories with this friend. Many adventures have been had. Memories such as­—hanging out in his basement, or more exciting memories like, hikes. Excellent friend. One of the best. Can be a little annoying sometimes.

Noah: A recent friend I met last year in college. We’ve been roommates for a few months now. A fun guy to be around. Very funny, a good actor too. Wish he’d turn off his alarm quicker in the morning.

Oleg: The friend of a lifetime. We’ve been through quite a lot together. Each of us has almost died in front of the other in various rock-climbing accidents. We are now doing different things with our lives and don’t see each other enough. Miss him. Can be really dumb sometimes (reference: the almost dying), (not that I can’t also be just as dumb).

Mitchell: MITCHMAN. A great guy. The most authentic person I know. I have nothing bad to say about Mitchell. I wish he didn’t always get in car trouble when we’re on road trips.

Emily: A friend since middle school. One of the funniest people I know. A good person too. She once stood up to a guy who called a girl fat when no one else said anything. I wish she’d stop making fun of me for the wasabi incident.

Brendan: A theater friend from high school. Like Emily, very funny. I know he will be successful in his life. He should stop trying to get me to buy Air Jordans.

My Mom (Jamie): A great mom. Did a real good job. I only wish she hadn’t laughed at every single joke I made in middle school. I thought I was funny, but I wasn’t. Love you, Mom.

Well those are all my friends, every one. (Minus all my other friends). Maybe if you’re real nice to me for the next year YOU could be on next year’s Ben’s Best Friend List.

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