Is a bucket or pillowcase better for collecting candy?

Illustration: Carter Klassen · The Sentry

Illustration: Carter Klassen · The Sentry

A bucket doesn’t take away from the costume
Opinion by Frankie Spiller

As Halloween rolls around, boys and girls of every age will be seen wandering the streets in festive costumes, searching for their favorite sweet treat. Many will choose to opt out of a fun and colorful bucket instead go for a bland and often saliva stained pillowcase. While it is true that pillowcases are accessible household items, they take away from the overall thematic element of a costume. People often work hard to create the perfect Halloween costume for themselves or their children but stop short when it comes to the precious candy-carrying vessel 

Halloween is all about dressing up in fantastical and scary costumes, why not incorporate the candy bucket into the illusion? Go as a Pokémon trainer with a pokeball basket, or the headless horseman holding a head with candy for brains. Creativity reigns supreme on this holiday above all others and no one should settle for the boring basics. Additionally, for those with little ones, adding a colorful homemade or store-bought bucket will spark their Halloween spirit. No Wednesday Adams wants to hold a pillowcase all night, but they just might be willing to carry a Cousin It candy basket instead. 

Halloween baskets do not have to be expensive, either. A person can repaint an old reusable tote bag, use a black backpack as part of their spy costume, or, yes, even turn that old pillowcase into a candy holding superhero cape. Not only does crafting allow someone to get further into the Halloween spirit, but it adds to the experience of the holiday as a whole. If someone goes through all the effort of choosing out and spicing up their own personal Halloween costume, then they can certainly go the extra mile and customize their own Halloween bucket, the most important accessory of the season. 


Pillowcases are a must-use classic
Opinion by Taylor “Kat” Goodman

For kids of all ages, Halloween is considered one of the best times of the year. Along with getting to dress up, stay out late, and enjoy time with family and friends, they get to wander around the neighborhood in search of candy or other treats. In order to gain the best experience on that special night, an object to hold all the candy is a must-have. One of the best traditional items used is a simple but handy pillowcase. 

The pillowcase is a convenient & useful candy-carrying device for many reasons. For one, there’s no need to spend extra money on a bucket when you already have an even better container at home! After buying a costume, makeup, candy, and decorations, a bucket can seem like just another expense to add to the list. A pillowcase is a money-saver most people don’t even realize they have. Along with being cheap and easily accessible, a pillowcase has more room than a bucket, which means more candy to enjoy at the end of the night. More room in the pillowcase also means more time out trick-or-treating and enjoying the evening with your friends &/or family. The satisfying feeling of coming home with a heavy, candy laden pillowcase is almost unmatchable. Of course, some people like to take their candy collecting to the next level. A fun and thrifty way too add to a costume is to decorate the pillowcase being used! All that’s needed is some fabric paint, fabric glue, and fun craft accessories like glitter, sequina, or buttons. A pillowcase is 100% customizable, so kids have total creative liberty over their treat carrying case.  

A pillowcase is a fun, thrifty, and useful option for all trick or treaters, and is the best way to maximize candy intake. This Halloween, consider saving money, getting creative, and recieve more candy by using a trusty pillowcase.  

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