Kim Petras | TURN OFF THE LIGHT | Album Review

Bunhead Records
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

German pop singer Kim Petras released TURN OFF THE LIGHT on Oct. 1 as a follow up to her debut EP, TURN OFF THE LIGHT VOL. 1, released last fall. This new record contains all eight tracks from the original EP plus nine new songs. While the album is no masterpiece unto itself, it is the perfect collection to list to for a fun, dance fueled All Hallows Eve. The album alternates between lyricless dance music and sexually charged songs that generally abandon seriousness and play into the spirit of the holiday they revolve around.  

Perhaps the biggest detractor from the entire album is these dance tracks, which grow repetitive. While the album itself is 17 tracks, nine of them have little to none of Petras’ self-assured vocals. Though it is easy to skip these tracks without remorse, it should be noted that “Wrong Turn,” and “o m e n” stand as highlights of the EDM portion of the album. “Knives” in particular uses the sound of the weapons sharpening to steadily build a beat while slowly adding in synthesizer, making for a dance track that toys with the listener’s expectations. 

The other eight songs of the album are campy in the best way possible. “Turn Off the Light” is reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller,” and features Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. “Tell Me It’s A Nightmare” is a clever tune about an ending relationship, that masquerades behind lines like, “I’m a demon in the shadows / and you stepped into the dark.” “There Will Be Blood” is a relentlessly high energy track with a chorus that finds Petras nearly screaming the titular words over pulsating bass and layer upon layer of her impressive vocals. 

By and far, the best song on the entire album is “Massacre.” It has a melody eerily reminiscent of “Carol of the Bells,” with lyrics like, “blood on the floor / glamour and gore,” and is unadulterated spooky fun. The song perfectly sums up the entire release: a few gallons of fake blood with a handful of pop music glitter on top.  

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