Milky Chance | Daydreaming | Single Review

Rating: Thumbs down

“Daydreaming” from 2014 staple, Milky Chance, does exactly what those familiar with the band would expect: indecipherable lyrics over a stoner rock beat. Space-like synth opens the track with lead singer Celmens Rehbein mumbling through a simple drumkit, making it easy to check out of the track completely. Right when the urge to skip peaks, “Daydreaming” suddenly shifts into a groovy psychedelic beat drop. Again, as soon as the pendulum swings to reach the “good” side of the spectrum, it swings back into a mumbled bridge from Tash Sultana. If listeners love the space where Rasta meets indie rock, “Daydreaming” is perfect—just don’t get attached to one aspect of the song for too long.

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