Jonas Brothers brought their biggest hits to Denver

Photo Courtesy of Live Nation Jonas Brothers performed at the Pepsi Center.

Photo Courtesy of Live Nation
Jonas Brothers performed at the Pepsi Center.
New and old tracks collide

On Oct. 1, 2019, The Jonas Brothers performed their “Happiness Begins” gig at the Pepsi Center after years of being inactive as a group after the trio disbanded. 

The group split in 2013 with Nick Jonas, the youngest of the three, confessing he was the reason the group fell apart. However, he later claimed he was the one to bring the group back to perform again.

The tour, opened up with a cinematic experience that allowed the audience to feel as if the audience had grown with them. Three child actors represented each brother exploring the world around them while their present selves watched. After the display, the Jonas Brothers descended on a platform from the top wearing one-colored outfits: Nick, wearing orange; Joe, wearing blue; and Kevin in the center wearing green. Their opening song, “Rollercoaster,” set the fans in the arena ablaze, screams eminating all over the arena while the brothers took their spots.

Playing from their new album, Happiness Begins, the first half of the show consisted mostly of their new material. One of their major hits, “Cool” was part of the first act; it’s a song that’s consistently calm and easy to listen to.

While their new material was praised by the thousands of fans in the stadium, their older material, during their Disney era, sent the crowd to a new level of excitement. However, the show allowed for both Joe and Nick to perform their own songs when they were solo artists. Nick performed “Jealous” and Joe “Gotta Find You.”

The second half of the show consisted of songs from their past albums when they were still part of  Disney Channel appearances, which pleased fans who grew up during this time. The chosen set list for act two had songs with a slower tempo such as “Love Bug” and “When You Look Me in the Eyes.” While they couldn’t sing all of their most popular songs, the Jonas Brothers included a medley of seven songs even ranging from their Camp Rock era. 

The Jonas Brothers did not leave Denver without performing their biggest hits ever released. For an encore dedicated to the fans, they closed the show with “Burning Up” and “Sucker.” Even when the crowd was drained from singing and dancing, everyone in the stadium gave all their energy for the last section of the show.

Despite the Jonas Brothers’ split for a few years to do their separate gigs, they managed to pull their paths together to give a nostalgic and refreshing performance.

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