Foo Fighters | 00020225 | Album Review

Roswell Records
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

On Sept. 27, the iconic rock band Foo Fighters surprised fans everywhere by releasing a brand new EP, 00020225. The EP consists of two original songs, a cover, and a live rendition, making for an interesting collection. 

One of the best parts of the EP is the diversity of each song, making the album interesting to listen to, rather than sounding like one long song stuck on repeat. For example, the song “Sister Europe,” a cover of the Psychedelic Furs, is slower and more mellow, perfect for singing along to or as relaxing background music. To contrast, the first song on the EP, “The One,” is angrier, quicker, and has a faster and louder drum track to pair perfectly with the angsty lovesick lyrics. Both songs, however, have the iconic Foo Fighters sound and style, with clean guitar riffs, and Dave Grohl’s raspy yet clear singing, with fast, steady drum beats. 

They also throw in a live rendition of the B-52’s “Planet Claire,” and while live music on EPs can sometimes throw off the listener with the change in sound and decrease in audio quality, the recording quality of “Planet Claire” is good enough that audiences won’t be able to tell there’s to much of a difference. In this case, it gives the listener a more well-rounded experience. It is also easy to appreciate how the EP as a whole is a continuation of the Foo Fighters’ significant 90s music style,

Their new EP doesn’t necessarily take a new or daring step in a different direction, but to remain consistent for decades without it becoming stale or boring is a feat in and of itself. Overall, this EP is an excellent blast from the past, and a good indication that the Foo Fighters will continue their legacy for years to come.


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