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Daily Archives: October 23, 2019

The Plot Thickens

Bi-partisan During the 2016 presidential election I was not old enough to vote. I did however learn some very basic information about both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump’s stances on various issues. Even if I hadn’t done that very basic research, I already knew who

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How to cope when you want to mope

ways to combat seasonal affective disorder As the warmer days begin to end and Colorado buckles down for another six-month winter, a significant amount of people start to struggle with more than just digging their cars out of the snow.   Seasonal Affective Disorder, appropriately

Developing From a Negative

Vintage Times I tend to hold outdated opinions about entertainment and media.  The most prevalent of these opinions is the fact that music sounds best when played from a vinyl record through a gramophone, that photographs should be captured with either a dry collodion emulsion on

Music publishers sue Peloton for $300 million

Lawsuit threatens company’s quality and earnings Peloton’s allegedly improper use of pop music may be enough to impact more than its initial public offering, but the overall quality of Peloton’s product. The company faced a $150 million lawsuit from the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA)


Flight The outside of my left wrist is adorned with a feather shaped treble clef. The meaning of the treble clef is probably quite obvious considering the section this column is placed in, but the feather—while undoubtedly cool for design purposes—has more meaning to me

Milky Chance | Daydreaming | Single Review

Elektra Rating: Thumbs down “Daydreaming” from 2014 staple, Milky Chance, does exactly what those familiar with the band would expect: indecipherable lyrics over a stoner rock beat. Space-like synth opens the track with lead singer Celmens Rehbein mumbling through a simple drumkit, making it easy

Dan + Shay | 10,000 Hours | Single Review

Warner Nashville Rating: Thumbs down Country duo Dan + Shay’s new single “10,000 Hours” featuring Justin Bieber is pretty much the exact same song as “(I Wanna Hear Your) Secrets” by the fictional boy band Boys For Now from Bob’s Burgers. The song features the

Bastille | Doom Days | Album Review

Virgin Records Rating: 4 out of 5 stars At first glance, Doom Days seems like an album that would cause anyone to curl into a corner and ugly cry any negative feelings away. Despite the apocalyptic title, Bastille’s third album Doom Days elicits feelings of

Kevin Gates | I’m Him | Album Review

Atlantic Records Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Mostly known as the “Two Phones” guy due to his hit single back in 2016, Kevin Gates is slowly continuing to build on his rap career with the release of his sophomore album I’m Him. An excessively