Developing From a Negative

Photo: Taelar Pollmann ⋅ The Sentry

Photo: Taelar Pollmann ⋅ The Sentry

The Pit

The photographs in photobooth are from my first proper photography pit experience at a concert.  I’ve photographed large scale concerts before, but they were from the soundboard and these two experiences are extremely different. 

Capturing concerts from the soundboard requires a longer focal length lens and in most cases a step stool.  Capturing concerts from the photography pit requires a wide aperture and a shorter focal length.  Then there is the location; the soundboard is behind the general admission area and the photography pit is in front of the crowd between them and the stage. 

It was ethereal to combine my pinnacle band; Ghost, and my entire reason for living, photography, into the same event.  The only aspect to make those two evenings even better was if I was capturing the rituals on film instead of a digital sensor. 

I was expecting to feel a bit overwhelmed, but I knew once they took the stage my technical skills would focus my attention to the task at hand and my fears were unnecessary.    

What I wasn’t expecting was to not hear the music being played a handful of feet away from my ears.  It is like my body turned off a sense in order to have more focus for what I was capturing.  To add amusement to this situation, the lyrics I was quietly humming were not from Ghost’s catalog.  

In the television show Parks and Recreation, the character of Andy Dwyer, portrayed by Chris Pratt, writes a song titled, “The Pit.”   

The main lyrics are, “Pit / I was in the pit / You were in the pit / We all were in the pit.”  Those lines were on a constant repeat the entire time I was in the photography pit.  Because of this, I am positive I will now think of this song every time I am photographing a band from this area.  Now that I can say, “I was in the pit,” I am not sure I can just attend a concert as a normal fan ever again.    

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