Behind the scenes look at 13th Floor Denver

An actor in make-up is ready to scare visitors. Photo: Samantha Camp · The Sentry

An actor in make-up is ready to scare visitors.
Photo: Samantha Camp · The Sentry

Lights dance across thick fog. The corridors cause disorientation and fear. Screams are heard in the distance. This is 13th Floor Haunted House. The haunted house, open until Nov. 9, is well worth the price of admission from $20 and up. Terrifying clowns patrol the halls, monstrous creations lurk around every corner, and there’s something a little unusual about the rooms within the building. 

These aren’t the same scares seen time and time again. “We have a whole team of creators that come up with the themes each year,” Skylar Green, who works in Customer Experience, says. “We’ve got very talented costume designers that work, some of them year-round, to create costumes for all the haunted houses.” 13th Floor is not the only option for those looking for a frightful night. Customers can also participate in mini escape games, learn how to throw an axe, get a drink at the Shriekeasy bar, and find their way through a maze in complete darkness with Sensory Overload. The fun doesn’t stop there, as they have a second haunt, the City of the Dead and Asylum Haunted House. All of this and more lies within the walls of 13th Floor for those who think themselves strong enough.  

“What makes the attractions scary are the actors themselves,” makeup advisor and social media specialist Lili Aguilar comments. “They’re sitting in your chair…you’re doing their makeup, then when you actually go through the haunted house…they’re literal monsters.” A man-turned-rat stalks the patrons in line for the attraction, showing off his grotesque hump and gnarly tail. Inside, the halls twist and turn, making a person feel as though they’re lost in the expertly crafted maze of terror. A person must push past the disorientation caused by the flashing lights, wade through musty swamps and dirty labs, and survive the monsters whose makeup transforms them from human into something worse. 

Looking past the haze of horror, someone might be able to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the making of these terrifying experiences. Not only are themes, scripts, and costumes worked on throughout the year, but the set design and animatronics add to the experience in a way not many are able to appreciate as their flight response kicks in. 13th Floor Entertainment Group cares highly about their craft. When asked why she liked working there, Green comments, “I love the atmosphere…it’s a very fun environment to work in. The horror industry is something that’s very different.” 

For those looking for a scream, 13th Floor Haunted House is a great place for a spooky October. The excitement is palpable and gets the heart racing before ever stepping foot in the attractions, and once inside, it’s difficult to focus on anything other than the blood curdling experience. 

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