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Daily Archives: October 9, 2019

Defining Milieu art exhibit

CU Denver artist and associate professor Rian Kerrane opened her new art exhibit Defining Milieu on Sept. 26 in Republic Plaza. Inspired by Oscar Wilde, the exhibit “reflects symbolically how we use fashion to structure our environments and ultimately our world,” according to Kerrane.  

How Gotama & Buddhism offer a solution to suffering

Gotama’s remedy: a sugar rush subsides Atypical Monday, a typical United-Statesian college student:   Student thinks, Damn, I can’t even hear what Professor Monotone is saying, I just want to be in bed re-watching The Office. Student enters a beet-stained daze. Alas, student reaches bed

Developing From a Negative

My Hat Last Tuesday I was asked what my pronouns were for the first time.  I’ve been striving for a more androgynous appearance over the last year or so; the fact that someone could not tell my gender means I achieved my goal.  My hat

In Time

There’s nothing that messes with your perception of time more than a microwave. Perhaps this is just me but two minutes waiting for a bag of popcorn consists of a whole trip to the laundry room AND folding my clothes only to find out I

Unpaid internships are unethical free labor

All work should be compensated Internships are an amazing opportunity for college students. They give students a chance to better understand their field and they teach a lot about how the workplace operates. Students get to learn in a real-world environment. However, many internships are

The two sides to Borderlands 3

Opinion by Alex Stallsworth A culmination of characters, blood, guns, and explosions rip the world video game market once more with the fascinating adventures of vault hunters on Pandora. The fifth game in the Borderlands realm arrived Sept. 13. Plot twists drive the vault hunter

Will new on-campus housing increase community?

It creates more free time to engage Opinion by Tommy Clift Whether it be Student Life, The Global Education Office, or the Diversity and Inclusion Office, from an organization’s perspective, student engagement is one of the hardest challenges facing a commuter campus. And why wouldn’t

DANG it!

DANG Soft Serve Ice Cream is all appearance and no taste.  The flavor variety of the ice cream is limited, their toppings are unlabeled, and the ordering process is tedious and annoying.  The outside aesthetic caters to the influencer crowd that spends more time posing

Words from a wallflower

…and they were roommates When I was dropped off at college, I had an overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do. For 18 years I had lived at home with the same people. Then I was tossed into this entirely new world without them