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Daily Archives: October 2, 2019

Should canvassers be on college campuses?

They’re not trying to harass people Opinion by Lorraine Kelly Everyone has seen a canvasser before and felt the panic. “Oh, no, someone’s going to try to talk to me and I have places to be.” It can be anxiety-inducing to have a stranger yell

The Plot Thickens

Strangers on a Train When I was getting dressed last Wednesday, I decided that I wanted to wear black jeans. I have two pairs of denim that fit that description. One I use exclusively for when it rains or snows heavily, as it’s much thicker

Words from a wallflower

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a column that ended with taking time for yourself when life gets tough. Initially, I didn’t say what happened because I wasn’t ready. Now I am. My relationship of five years ended.  The breakup itself wasn’t abrupt. Things had been

Fontana Sushi serves beautiful coastal platters

For sushi lovers everywhere, walking into the new Fontana Sushi, which opened in late August of 2018 and is located at the intersection of East 6th Avenue and North Washington Street, is like walking into paradise because of the high-quality fish, beautiful plating, overall cleanliness,

Ayse Papatya Bucak comes to CU Denver

On the evening of Sept. 16, CU Denver hosted author, professor, and contributing editor to the University’s very own Copper Nickel, Ayse Papatya Bucak, to read from her newly released book The Trojan War Museum and Other Stories.   The Trojan War Museum and Other

Developing From a Negative

Sleep No More After the struggle of writing last week’s column, this week I want to focus on one of my favorite things that is not related to photography: the immersive live performance experience known as Sleep No More in New York.  The story is

Picture not up to date

I redact everything I said about two weeks ago about using my hair as a restorative and healing process—that was bullshit. I’m too impatient and couldn’t handle the blonde anymore (I cringed every time I stepped into the sun because it shined so bright it brought

Akira: a retrospective

The American localization of the popular paradigm-shifting anime drama Akira has now reached its 30-year anniversary. With a tv series reboot in the works, it’s time to look back on the original film, which still holds up as an unearthly futuristic saga depicting complex post-war