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Daily Archives: September 19, 2019

A Summer Lesson in Kansas

This summer my husband and I decided to go on a cross country road trip. Through the nothingness that is Kansas we realized that we were nearly out of gas. The only nearby station looked as though it hadn’t been updated since at least the

Vaping-related illnesses sweep the US

Coloradans among those hospitalized Just one week after the first case arose, the second vape-related illness in Colorado was confirmed on Aug. 29, joining 193 cases across the country. Symptoms of the mystery illness include shortness of breath, chest pain, and fatigue. With one of

Upcoming ballot measure may stabilize tuition rates

Proposition CC divisive among CU leadership The “Allow State to Retain Excess Revenue for Transportation and Education Measure,” known as Proposition CC, could see an increased amount of state funding for higher education by allowing the state to retain revenue above the state spending cap.

Another brick in the wall

Debating cancel culture Saturday Night Live announced its new cast members for the upcoming 45th season on Sept. 12. The next day, journalists found videos of new hire Shane Gillis using racial slurs to describe Asian Americans, among other inflammatory remarks, on his podcast. Former

Going green on campus and beyond

How students can get involved The threat of climate change is an ever-present thought in the minds of many young people today.  Current world reports don’t paint an optimistic picture either: the Amazon rainforest burns in large swaths, millions of tons of arctic ice are

Is Friends actually a good television show?

It has problematic characters Opinion by Amanda Blackman Friends just isn’t as good as everyone says it is. Saying that it is relatable content for young adults is taking things a bit too far. Some say the struggles shared on the show are frequently mirrored

The Plot Thickens

Thoughts on a job Stepping into the role of Managing Editor for The Sentry was undeniably a bit scary. Though I held the position of Leisure Editor during the 18/19 academic year, the new responsibility I was given also came with a new set of

Developing From a Negative

A Blind Homunculus In order to explain the ability to visualize inside one’s head there was once a belief that a small person or a “homunculus” lived inside the head and viewed the internal images in the same manner we watch movies in the theater. 

Miley Cyrus | Slide Away | Single Review

RCA Records Rating: Thumbs Up One can see from Miley Cyrus’ emotional performance of “Slide Away” at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards that she feels a deep personal connection to this song. “Slide Away” seemingly addresses Cyrus’ recent split with husband Liam Hemsworth, as