The 1975 | People | Single Review

Dirty Hit Records
Rating: Thumbs Up

Reminiscent of a 2000’s punk-rock genre, The 1975 released their new song “People.” A bone-rattling, fast paced, lyrical masterpiece that takes a shot at society, “People” is an overwhelming rollercoaster of synthesized guitar, drums, and high-pitched screaming. What makes the song a lyrical masterpiece begins in the first line when singer, Matty Healy, cries with rage: “It’s Monday morning and we’ve only got a thousand of them left.” He goes on to yell in an aggressive rampage on how humans are destroying the world and how it needs to be fixed before it’s too late. More like a spokesperson with an empowering speech, “People” is a song to listen to more for the message than anything else.

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