Student spotlight: Generation Nomad

Generation Nomad generates their own sound. Photo Courtesy of Generation Nomad

Generation Nomad generates their own sound.
Photo Courtesy of Generation Nomad
CU Denver students make up alt-rock group

The band Generation Nomad consists of four students completely submerged in music. Lizzy Kistler who sings vocals, Luke Sletten the lead guitarist, Gizelle Cisneros who plays bass and sings background vocals, and Josh Tibbets who plays the drums. Kistler, Cisneros, and Tibbets connected on the CU Denver campus through their music courses during Kistler’s freshman year. The three met Sletten when they needed a fill- in guitarist for a show.

Now leading into Kistler and Cisneros’ sophomore year, Sletten’s freshman, and Tibbets’ junior, the band prepares for a promising but long year as they work on new music and hopefully towards an album.

Generation Nomad dates back to Kistler’s junior year in high school drawing from inspirations such as Paramore and Death Cab for Cutie, but with all new band members and a significant amount of acquired experience, the band image has undergone substantial changes since its origination. New influences consist of Jon Bellion and many others in the alt-rock genre, but Kistler also shared that, instead of wanting to have a certain sound or genre as before, the band has evolved to have more of their own sound, though still relating to the alternative rock vibe. “I think because we’re older and more experienced it’s more intricate and thoughtful the way we write songs and the way we play songs, it’s a different process than before,” Kistler explained.

The songs come together in unique formats, each member adding on their own piece but sticking true to the original idea. It starts out with an idea from Kistler, then progresses through the group, where each member adds their set of skills to complete the song.

“I try to cover all the bases and make sure that the foundation is set, I like to add in one or two little things that pertain to me and what I feel… but it’s not like I’m writing super intricate bass lines, it’s about letting the song breathe,” Cisneros describes.

Music has always played a big part in each member’s lives, paving an infinite world for the members from when they were young through the present, each now in college for music.

“I picked up the guitar when I was around 13, and when I did it was just all over from there, I was just addicted,” Sletten detailed.

Music not only took on an enormous role in the members’ lives, but also, as Tibbets describes, helped them expand and perfect skills that can be difficult to manage, “One of my biggest takeaways from being in a band, learning how to coordinate schedules with other people, and being prepared for when you go to stuff, it’s a lot of real world skills.” 

As the school year comes into focus, the band is buckling down and preparing to start heading into the studio more, already stirring over unreleased songs they’re working on. Generation Nomad’s music is available on Spotify. Be sure to keep an eye out for shows and new releases.

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