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Daily Archives: September 11, 2019

Developing from a Negative

Manhattan’s the other name I have such a love / hate relationship with New York, New York. Personally, I wish it was still named New Amsterdam but that is neither here nor there. I grew up in a small town in the middle of this

Which fast food chain has the best chicken sandwhich?

Popeye’s new item takes the throne Opinion by Sam Weigel The Popeye’s/Chick-fil-A debate has gone on long enough. If the clear favorite hasn’t already been made abundantly obvious, then perhaps some clarity is in order.  First off, a Popeye’s chicken sandwich is a guilt-free hunger

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Transphobia affects everyone

Dating a trans person does not change their partner’s sexuality In 2019, 16 trans women have been violently killed in the United States alone. On Aug. 21, Reese Willoughby, a cis man, committed suicide as a result of bullying based on his relationship with a

The Plot Thickens

What’s in a name? Last summer when trying to decide on a title, I was stuck between a couple options: “The Lateness of the Hour,” “The Human Condition,” and “The Plot Thickens.”  “The Lateness of the Hour” idea came from my favorite singer Alex Clare.

Bad Hair Days

I’ve decided to dedicate my column this week to my hair. Granted, if you’re reading this issue in print you probably can’t discern the fact that my hair is half blonde but for the sake of this column, I’m telling you now: the front half

Words from a wallflower

Surprises have never been my forte. I either spill the beans or give enough hints with my nonexistent poker face. This held true for this weekend when I “surprised” my mom in Washington for her birthday. I had been planning this trip with my stepdad

Movie review: IT Chapter Two

The Losers’ Club returned to theaters last week in the form of IT Chapter Two, this time not as children but as adults set on destroying Pennywise the Clown for good. This second installment maintained the nostalgia and horror of the first, while adding more

Student spotlight: Generation Nomad

CU Denver students make up alt-rock group The band Generation Nomad consists of four students completely submerged in music. Lizzy Kistler who sings vocals, Luke Sletten the lead guitarist, Gizelle Cisneros who plays bass and sings background vocals, and Josh Tibbets who plays the drums.

Making the most out of college

College is never an easy thing to start, but attending a commuter campus can present a particularly challenging hurdle to overcome. Few people stay on campus after their classes; CU Denver doesn’t have big sporting events, Auraria is a large campus with people who go