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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Stop celebrating Halloween before October

It’s a sacred event, it doesn’t need over a month Anyone who’s anyone can appreciate the mass’s love for the spookiest of seasons, even if they don’t much care for it. Halloween is simply a beloved time of year. The lights, the costumes, the pumpkins,

To stay or not to stay (in state)? That is the question.

There’s no place like home for college Opinion by Jaleesia Fobbs CollegeBoard cites that as recently as Fall 2016, 78 percent of first-time public year college students stayed in state for school. For Colorado specifically, TheCollegeSolution reports 84 percent of students who stayed in state

The Plot Thickens

Tie Tuesdays As I write this column, I’m wearing black slacks, a black dress shirt, and a Batman bowtie. If you’re wondering why that might be, it’s because this past Saturday was Batman Day and today is Tie Tuesday. Let’s backtrack a little. Tie Tuesday

Developing From a Negative

Being Selfish is Okay Each week I was hoping to fill this space with sage advice that may help a reader through a tough time.  However, events that took place in my life this past weekend have left me drained of energy and void of

Facebook’s new dating app is altogether a bad idea

Don’t trust a company that has lied before Facebook, the platform whose controversies include allowing Cambridge Analytica to harvest the data of 87 million users for political purposes, to contributing to the current genocide in Myanmar, apparently thinks launching a new dating app is the

Words from a wallflower

Five months ago, I didn’t have a plan for after graduation. There wasn’t a defining moment that I decided on law school. I signed up for a prep course, went through a whirlwind of studying, and took the LSAT this weekend. The LSAT is stressful

15th annual Denver Food + Wine Fest

This year’s Denver Food + Wine Festival ran from Sept. 4–8 and encompassed a variety of events. The majority of the events were small scale, such as “Dinner Under the Stars” and the wine glass seminar, but the main event was the Grand Tasting on

The good and the bad

It was about a week ago I found myself in my usual routine to class. It was on the way that I saw a woman sat at a desk, crying. Her phone was in her hand as she nodded to the screen, wiping the tears

The Rockies have struck out

The Colorado Rockies have gone from World Series contenders to league laughingstock this season, thanks to trading some all-star players, inconsistency on the mound, and bats going cold, leading to one of the worst records in MLB history. The story of how this came to

A Doll’s House Part 2 is a static follow up

On Sept. 6, the Denver Center of Performing Arts (DCPA) Theatre Company transported its audiences back to 1870s Norway into the life of Nora Helmer, her husband Torvald, and their four kids. The revolutionary and classical play A Doll’s House, written by Henrik Ibsen, was