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Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

My headshot for my column this year looks like a mug shot, and if that’s any consolation for how this year is going to go, take it only as a good sign. Why, you might ask? Well, first let’s go back to what the purpose of a mug shot was: to allow law enforcement to have a photographic record of an arrested individual to allow for identification by victims, the public, and investigators.

If you think about it in this way, my “mug shot” presented at the very beginning of this very paper identifies me as the individual responsible for approving everything you will see in each issue. While I won’t and am not taking sole credit for the entire production of this paper, (as I have the most loyal, determined, and beyond talented colleagues by my side) my name is the last thing that signs off for everything to go to print.

Coming into the Editor in Chief position for this year has been a swirl of doubt, tantalizing fear, and nervousness. But I believe with stepping into any leadership position or any position of power for that matter, these feelings just confirm the fact that you’re ready to take on that role. Because I have kept this mindset throughout the summer, along with receiving a plethora of support from those close to me, I am swapping doubt with hope and nervousness with excitement. Granted, the surmounting fear is still present, but I think that adds a little spice to my life.

I don’t know what legacy I will leave at The Sentry or if I’ll leave anything at all but if there’s one thing that is for certain is that I have a year full of lessons, disasters, memories, and friendships and for that all I can say is thank you (and bring it on).

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