The Call of the Void

Photo Credit: Genessa Gutzait · The Sentry

Photo Credit: Genessa Gutzait · The Sentry
Sweet Dreams

One of the rare treasures that has preceded even my time in The Sentry office is the red couch. Describing it as “the red couch” sounds a bit ominous, but it is the exact opposite actually. Everyone who has been a part of The Sentry has taken naps on that couch, and it has been at the center of every pitch meeting and conversation. If there’s any sort of favoritism in the office, it’s everyone’s preference towards the red couch over the green one. 

My mother’s side of my family is very superstitious. Growing up there were all of these sorts of rules: “If you spill salt, throw some over your shoulder,” “Don’t wear hats in the house because it brings bad luck,” “Don’t open umbrellas in the house because it brings bad luck.”

But there was one particular rule that stuck out to me when it came to dreams: “If you say your dreams out loud, then they won’t come true; if you keep your dreams to yourself, then they’ll come true.” 

I’ve had the most bizarre dreams on that red couch, and I’m a little ambiguous on this recent dream I had: 

The Sentry was structured as some sort of headquarters—very technological. However, it was a sort of “dream headquarters” where Genessa (our beloved Photography Editor) and Shaye (our spicy Copy Editor) controlled whether or not you had a sweet dream or a nightmare.

Me, being a sort of test subject, offered to nap on the red couch to see whether or not our “dream technology” worked. In my dream of a dream, I saw Tessa (our formidable Editor-in-Chief) with her ex-boyfriend who was a guy I remember working with in Las Vegas, although I didn’t know his name. And their post-break-up relationship was the worst! He was a sleazy guy who was trying to get back with Tessa and that was unfortunate because he was pretty cute.

I can’t remember anything past that other than waking up and yelling at Genessa for giving me a nightmare and ruining the image I had of that man from Vegas by giving him a horrible personality. 

And then I woke up, again. 

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