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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Inter Arma | Sulphur English | Album Review

Relapse Records Rating: 4 out 5 stars On April 12, Inter Arma released a brand-new album entitled Sulphur English. This hour-long dive into sludge and doom metal continually subverts expectations as it pulls in psychedelic influences that give the work a unique character. Throughout songs

Which console is best for Animal Crossing?

The GameCube is the move Opinion by Abby Wehrman The GameCube is the superior device to play Animal Crossing on, forever and always. The nostalgia of winter mornings fighting over whose turn it was to hold the silver controller, the little pitter-patter of the character’s

Guest Column

As my first year of college comes to an end, I reflect on what has brought me to this point. The journey through year one has been wild, unpredictable, often a lot of fun, and sometimes not so much. If nothing else, there is one

The Call of the Void

14e Arrondissement If you’ve ever taken the time to notice, parks are places that are inter-generational. Looking around, you can see elderly couples talking among themselves on the benches, feeding the ducks, or walking around in their cute little jumpsuits; young adults are sprawled across

Allegations of racism emerge from CSU

Students raise questions about diversity in college While institutions of higher education often include “diversity” as one of their primary commitments, several stories emerging from students at Colorado State University indicate that the education system is far from perfect. In the last several weeks, three

District 9 City Council debate at Tivoli

Political Science Student Union hosts Auraria’s candidates   The time has come once again for Denver to hold city elections, and this time the Auraria Campus got involved in the campaign process. On April 9, the Political Science Student Union hosted a City Council debate

Another brick in the wall

Graduation Jitters I’m not graduating next month, unlike many of my friends on campus. If all goes according to plan, I’m graduating in December 2019. However, some recent talk of graduation over the last couple weeks has triggered employment-related anxiety for me. I’ve met a