The Lumineers | Gloria | Single Review

Daultone Music Group
Rating: Thumbs Down

The Denver-based band The Lumineers have released “Gloria,” the first single from their upcoming album III. Fans of the group’s folk-rock grit will be pleased to hear that this single carries the same nostalgic, lifting energy, despite lacking former member Neyla Pekarek’s vocal harmonies. “Gloria” is another bittersweet travel song, simultaneously upbeat and emotionally resonant. Singer Wesley Schultz’s distinct crackling vocals are supported by fast-paced instrumentals, lively percussion, and a floating piano solo. Following the previous album’s trend, the song delivers an ode, this time to a self-destructive girl named Gloria and the trials of loving her. Whether The Lumineers will repeat this theme or simply use it as a bridge between this album and their older material remains to be seen.

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