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Daily Archives: April 24, 2019

New song with an old sound

PostModern Jukebox in Parker, Colo. Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ) is a musical collective created by pianist Scott Bradlee that is known for taking modern hits and reimagining them with a vintage sound.  Once a week PMJ posts a new cover to their YouTube account featuring a

Lost Lake is in Bloom this spring

Moonlight Bloom and friends play Lost Lake Lounge Denver-based psychedelic rock trio Moonlight Bloom describes themselves as “experimental live improvisation in a style that hints at blues, jazz, rock and beyond.” Citing Jimi Hendrix as a primary influence, their sound reflects the early inception of

Walt Disney Studios buys 20th Century Fox

What do film and television students think? “Welcome Home” captioned many posts on Instagram to a picture of the Fantastic Four and X-Men walking through the gates of Disney, when the deal between 21st Century Fox and Disney became complete. After more than a year

The Plot Thickens

Long Live DC Back in 2008, at the dawn of the MCU with Iron Man, DC Comics released The Dark Knight, arguably their finest film. Both movies were incredibly influential in their own ways: Iron Man  for starting the highest grossing (and yes, perhaps most


Coffee Lives! Yerba mate is a popular herb in South America, where many people drink the tea instead of coffee. I sell this at my other job, so naturally I get free yerba throughout the day. My customers notice, I’m sure. It’s not until late

Brian Barker and the art of apocalyptic whimsy

Disappearing into Vanishing Acts Dr. Brian Barker, one of CU Denver’s English professors, has released a new book, Vanishing Acts, which invites readers to reimagine nature and humanity in a dark, surreal landscape.  Barker wears many hats, creatively speaking. In addition to being an award-winning

Whichcraft bewitches Next Stage Gallery

The art asks “which” materials are used Located in the Performing Arts Complex in Downtown Denver, Whichcraft has taken over the tiny Next Stage Gallery with interesting pieces of work by a trifecta of artists: Melanie Walker, Carol Golemboski, and Mariana Vieira. A play on

Schoolboy Q | Numb Numb Juice | Single Review

Interscope Rating: Thumbs Up Schoolboy Q’s hiatus is over, as he released his new single “Numb Numb Juice.” The song offers a refreshing start to Q’s career after a long hiatus and the inconsistency of his releases. Owning a runtime of a little under two

The Lumineers | Gloria | Single Review

Daultone Music Group Rating: Thumbs Down The Denver-based band The Lumineers have released “Gloria,” the first single from their upcoming album III. Fans of the group’s folk-rock grit will be pleased to hear that this single carries the same nostalgic, lifting energy, despite lacking former