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Daily Archives: April 17, 2019

Shazam! is 2019’s most fun superhero film

DC continues franchise course correction The DC Extended Universe has always seemed to have some trouble since 2014’s Man of Steel, which found mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. In 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also lost the battle against critical reviews,

The Plot Thickens

Consequence in a Good Way On Wednesday morning, I woke up to a message from my mother. She was concerned for me after reading my column and wanted to assure me that if I felt like I needed to go to therapy, I should. It


Notre Stern I came into work Monday to a live report from NPR—something I regard as rare these days. Notre Dame is burning. As soon as I heard, I whipped out my phone and scanned through columns of smoke, skeletal steeples, and  bright orange destruction. Tuesday,

99% Invisible is 100% remarkable

Podcast turns the overlooked into the unforgettable When was the last time the gently sloping sidewalks were appreciated for their design to make the world more accessible for the disabled? Or the design of drawn dinosaurs? Or the thought about just how the city of

Colorado Symphony takes on Mussorgsky

COLO. Symphony played three classical Selections The Denver Center of the Performing Arts recently hosted a weekend with the Colorado Symphony, performing Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, along with Ives’ Symphony No.3 and Barber’s Violin Concerto. Conductor Brett Mitchell returned to conduct all three

Reed Foehl delivers the soul of music

Foehl plays the Walnut Room On Friday, April 5, the soul of music hid in the crowded backroom venue of the Walnut Room on Denver’s north side as people waited to hear Reed Foehl perform.  Foehl, as his website puts it, “touches on a range

Son Lux | Whispering | Single Review

This is Meru Rating: Thumbs Down Released in the latter half of March, Son Lux debuted their second single off their upcoming sixth record. The single “Whispering” begins with a subtle, relaxed piano progression and faint, breezy vocals. As the track progresses, it becomes apparent

Tame Impala | Patience | Single Review

Universal Australia Rating: Thumbs Up Tame Impala’s new single “Patience” evokes images of orange vinyl couches slumped against paisley-patterned wallpaper and polyester bell bottoms brushing the shag carpeting. The 70s disco-meets-new-wave vibe emanating from this single is reminiscent of most of Tame Impala’s discography. The