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Monthly Archives: March 2019

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Mardi Gras-themed 40 West Arts District art crawl

Galleries on Colfax host special art walk The first Art Crawl of 2019 featured different forms of vibrant art work with a New Orleans style twist to the scenery, taking place on Friday, March 1. The Mardi Gras-themed event had painted mannequins dazzling in colored

Roxborough state park’s most exciting hikes

Memorable red rock routes Tucked away deep in the back of the sleepy suburban town, Roxborough State Park is a distinct escape to a scenic and historic side of the great state of Colorado. With Red Rocks-like formations and plenty of trails of all difficulty levels,

A farewell to Andre Previn

Renowned composer dies at 89 On Feb. 28, the legendary musician, composer, and arranger André Previn passed away in his New York apartment. From composing Academy Award winning scores to composing on piano for Ella Fitzgerald, the longevity of Previn’s legacy will surely do justice

The Plot Thickens

Pursuit of Happiness I turned 20 last Friday. It’s an odd thing to say because, at least a little, it freaked me out. My dad wrote in my birthday card “Hope you enjoyed your childhood and teen years.” When I read that, I gave a nervous

Victoria Chang and the business of Barbie

Poet shares heartfelt moments at campus reading by Austin Bolton and Holly McCloskey The Tivoli Zenith Room was packed on the night of Thursday, March 7, with English majors and poetry fans all chattering excitedly in anticipation of the acclaimed poet Victoria Chang. She came to

From big band to Steely Dan

Denver Jazz Orchestra shakes up Dazzle “I was told I should make an announcement warning people to silence their phones. I said, ‘If they can still talk on the phone over us playing, then let them,’” John Hines, one-fourth of the trombone section, stated to open


A New Leaf Today I woke up early to drive to Lookout Mountain and jump for joy when the sun came up. Every Spring Equinox Wiccans celebrate Ostara and the coming of spring, longer days, and rebirth. The holiday celebrates the goddess of April, Ēostre

Jonas Brothers | Sucker | Single Review

Republic Rating: Thumbs Up They’re back, baby. The internet exploded last week as the Jonas Brothers announced their return from a six-year hiatus with a new single entitled “Sucker.” And it’s everything fans of the early 2000’s Disney legends could have hoped for and more.

Dylan Streight | No Symmetry | Single Review

Self Released Rating: Thumbs Up Dylan Streight’s new single, “No Symmetry,” reflects the wondrous works of local musicians here in Denver. A song that is both emotional and relaxing, it’s about the longing of someone who he once loved and how much they are needed