Good is not a word to describe Campus Village

Photo Credit: Ayden Adair· The Sentry

Photo Credit: Ayden Adair· The Sentry
Flooding and hot water  plague the residency

Campus Village accommodates for a lot of amenities, such as parking, utilities, laundry facilities, and even a dining hall. Compared to the standard of living in Denver, which can be difficult to make a decent living off of minimum wage alone, Campus Village is a nice compromise for students. However, it is far from what the tours and brochures make it out to be. 

It seems every year, Campus Village has had a serious issue when it comes to hot water. In recent events, the hot water has become a substantial issue when it comes to showering in the morning before classes. As a matter of fact, much of the day there is either cold or lukewarm water available to students throughout the entirety of Campus Village. This is because Campus Village must allocate to fix the HVAC (Heating Vent and Cooling) System but really, they’re just putting a Band-Aid over the issue and temporarily solving their problems.

Adding insult to injury, the laundry machines are always under renovation, sometimes limiting students to five washers and five dryers in total compared to the original 12 washers and 14 dryers. For hundreds of students paying thousands of dollars for certain amenities that were promised, why are they constantly being taken away? (However, it also doesn’t help that some students don’t know how to wash their clothes or read the “FILL UP TO THIS LINE” signs resulting in damaged machines.)

Students have even had to relocate to the Curtis Hotel due to constant flooding on the first and second floors of the North and East buildings. First, it’s already hard enough for students who are out-of-state to adapt to a new change of environment. Second, it’s unfortunate that they must relocate again into a two-bedroom hotel, while also adjusting their schedules for the time it takes to get to campus from downtown. Finally, Campus Village doesn’t even take responsibility for items or personal belongings that were damaged from the flooding.

On top of all of this, the food served is not at all adequate. It seems the only recipe Campus Village knows is pizza. But sometimes if they want to get a little adventurous, they’ll serve grilled cheese with apple slices in it or hotdog weenies with bacon wrapped around it; bon appetit.

Not to mention the constant testing of the fire alarms at the most inconvenient hours of the day. Nothing says good morning like taking a shower just to get interrupted by a blaring fire alarm, causing people to rush down (at most) five flights of stairs to wait outside in freezing cold weather and wait 20 minutes for an “Okay.” The best part? Having to deal with security asking people to pull out their IDs to get back in the building. Forgive students for not thinking to grab their lanyards in the midst of a potential fire. 

Campus Village had all summer to fix these problems, yet students are experiencing their same run of the mill antics. Out of all the housing option for students, Campus Village is by far the worst, and students should be more aware of other options.

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