Kaitlin Bennett’s most problematic tweets

How her tweets facilitate hate and ignorance

Anyone who has Twitter has probably come across Kaitlin Bennett at one time or another. The Ken State alumna rose to infamy in 2017, posting her graduation photos onto her account featuring Bennett walking through campus toting her AR-15.

Now, Kaitlin utilizes her Twitter platform to tout her conservative political beliefs as well as a plethora of pro-gun and pro-life rants. As a result, many people have felt the need to let out their frustrations with Bennett on the internet, with many of the conversations leading nowhere.

And while many believe Bennett does not deserve the kind of platform that she’s made for herself, it’s too late to take away the fame she has already collected. So, here is a look at Bennett’s most problematic tweets. 

1. The time she posted a video of herself shooting a machine gun and then turned to the camera and said, “So scary.”

This struck a chord with a lot of people, most notably the survivors of the 2017 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre. Bennett is obviously too privileged to be burdened with the concept of PTSD. 

2. This doozy: “The left: There’s rape culture on college campuses. 

“Also the left: Women don’t need firearms to protect themselves from rapists.

“College women should be able to 3D print guns in their dorm rooms to thwart off predators. You’re not a feminist if you disagree.”

Listen, the left is all for women forming a super cool girl gang that destroys the lives of sexual predators. This might just be going a bit too far. While it is fun to think about a secret operation of college students mass producing weapons in order to better humanity, maybe we should just teach men not to assault women. That just sounds like a simpler solution. 

3. “Went through TSA with my #MAGA hat on to remind everyone that their jobs are disposable and they’re non-essential. Their paychecks come from someone else’s paychecks. What a world we live in where we accept that. #AbolishTheTSA #TaxationIsTheft” 

Yeah, okay Kaitlin. It’s ironic to hear her tell someone else that they are non-essential when she doesn’t do anything to contribute to society herself. She bullies school shooting survivors on the internet, and that is the definition of non-essential. No one needs that.

4. “Idk who Trump is running against in 2020, but I do know they assaulted me 35 years ago.”

This is just straight up ideocracy. This joke about no one ever wanting to sexually assault her is just a really bad tweet that enforces a really troubling narrative about victims of sexual assault. Hopefully Miss Bennett never has to endure the horrors of surviving assault and then watch her assaulter rise to power while the entire world calls her a liar. In fact, no woman would ever wish that upon another woman, not even their worst enemy. 

The only way to truly win over people like Bennett is to acknowledge that people will have disagreements and try to find a middle ground to communicate.

Stubbornness isn’t a friend when it comes to politics. Nastiness doesn’t create world peace. Discounting someone’s career as “disposable” is not making an effort to create a remedy to a problem, it is an immature swipe to gather anger and attention. 

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