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The Call of the Void

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The Greatest Show on Earth

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the biggest tech shows in the world where thousands of companies and consumers alike go to view the latest technological feats that have the potential to change the way we as humans perform even the most menial of tasks.

Over break, I had the opportunity to work with a company in unveiling their new products to 200,000 attendees, and I think my biggest takeaway from that whole experience was seeing what it truly meant to be a brand ambassador for a company.   

For the first time, I got a little taste of the marketing professional world, and let’s just say my fragile skin wasn’t ready for it. I think working as a hostess helped me understand what it meant to work in the customer-service world and always put on this happy and friendly demeanor, and it was helpful with my experience at CES. But I don’t think it prepared me enough when it came to working to try to appease a client. 

As a brand ambassador, my initial role was to memorize a script of the history of said company’s mobile history as part of their 10th anniversary of their mobile devices. Quite frankly, I was super excited and memorized my whole script that night, only to find out the next day I would be moved to the back of the showcase to do line control because “the creator of the phone was coming,” and I simply didn’t fit the image. But I think the most frustrating thing was, compared to my colleagues, I had my script memorized the best. 

I felt defeated, inferior, and I cried. But the thing is before I was even given my role with this company, I was told this was going to happen, and it still took me by surprise. And for some reason, my reaction was working harder to please a client who so blatantly discriminated against me. 

Until the end of my trip, I smiled and was the best damn line control person anyone could’ve asked for. But on the inside, my confidence in myself was at an all-time low. On the bright side, I took a selfie with a man who told me I was his favorite and that I was always nice to him. The irony of it all still kills me.

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