Colorado’s best up-and-coming musicians

Tennis plays for local audience. Photo credit: Madison Daily · The Sentry

Three local crowd-pleasers


Husband and wife duo Tennis (pictured), first met in a philosophy class here at CU Denver in 2008 but have since been making waves in the Colorado music scene after an eight-month sailing trip after graduation. 

Older tracks from the duo that formed in 2010 bestow listeners with 50s-inspired surf-pop. The duo has since clearly evolved that sound into a mixture of their original style with genres more resembling indie-pop with additional heavy-synth influences in newer tracks that earned the duo a spot on one of Grandoozy’s inaugural three stages. 

Newer releases from the group like, “In the Morning I’ll Be Better,” resonate with tracks that would flawlessly match up with scenes from John Hughes’ films. The duo is quickly catching fire after the release of their prior full-length record, Yours Conditionally, that went No. 3 on Billboard’s Alternative charts, and performances at other festivals such as Coachella.

Tennis’ velvety verses and mellow flair are sure to take flight in Colorado’s eccentric music scene.

Tennis plays for local audience. Photo credit: Madison Daily · The Sentry


Perhaps one of the most outlandish yet boisterous sounding groups coming out of Colorado’s growing music industry, Flaural presents a new take on psychedelic rock. The group formed in early 2015 and contends with more synth influenced tracks from groups like Two Door Cinema Club or STRFKR.

The group elegantly takes quintessential rock genre instruments and manages to twist them into something completely original and innovative for the four-piece band. Combining that natural psychedelic rock sound with that of the shoegaze genre, Flaural gives listeners a completely unexpected and “out-of-this-world” experience, quite literally; the group’s biography states, “Their music, in effect, feels like the spoils of a deep space exploration, brought back down to earth for all to observe.” 

Despite no recent releases in 2018 from the group, Over Imaginary Cigarettes EP (2016) and Thin King EP (2015) prove to be timeless releases from this peculiar echoing group. Flaural’s alienating and whimsical melodies and placid vibes are the perfect quirky addition to Denver’s music scene.

Chloe Tang

Recent graduate of the College of Arts and Media’s music program here at CU Denver, and one of CAM Records’ signed student artists, Chloe Tang is proving to be a musical superstar in the making. Tang gives listeners an exploration into alternative pop and does so impeccably. 

Tang’s vocals and lyricism are unparalleled to others in the same genre. 

Tang certainly possesses the ability to switch through various genres into more pop oriented or more R&B oriented tracks, continuing to illustrate Tang’s immense talent.

Chloe Tang is captivating. Photo courtesy of

Already working with producers like Chris Curran (producer for bands like PVRIS), Tang proves that she is a force to be reckoned with in Colorado’s music scene. Tang’s bio states, “By combining emotionally propelled lyrics, catchy melodic hooks, and driving drum beats, Chloe and her three-piece band create a high energy and engaging live show experience.” Tang’s rare versatility and exceptional knack for her craft validates her agile climb into Colorado’s music scene and beyond.

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