Horrendous | Idol | Album Reviw

Season of Mist
Rating: 4 out of 5

Celebrated progressive death metal act Horrendous revitalizes their catalog and the underground metal scene with their highly anticipated and most consistent record, Idol. 

The group has refined their unique blend of genres and instrumental tones to mastery on this new record. Where earlier releases lost momentum at certain points, Idol has a little bit of everything, ranging from straight death metal riffage to sweeping symphonic leads. The track “Divine Anhedonia” is perhaps the most varied in terms of genre, transitioning from a somewhat jazzier intro into sludgier sections, evolving into a raucous, thrashing monstrosity.

For guitars, the record is a technical and artistic marvel. The spacey, delay-soaked solos sprinkled throughout further establish the auditory variation.  Standout tunes in this regard include “The Idolater” and “Obulus.” Tracks like “Golgothan Tongues” and “Soothsayer” not only feature technically stunning guitar solos but also harmonize them between both guitars, creating a towering wall of sound. 

The vocals across the whole record range from guttural to ethereal. This, in hand with lyrics depicting scenes of loss with plenty of biblical and satanic allegories, use typical death metal themes. 

There are also moments in “Devotion (Blood for Ink)” and “Threnody” that contain stripped-down chords and arpeggiations that further add to the record’s musical diversity. 

Unlike most metal albums, the bass is situated prominently on many of the tracks and drives the record tonally. The opening song, “Prescience,” prominently displays smooth fretless bass melodies, a stark contrast to the ruthless tone of the full band.

Horrendous delivers a gorgeous and intricate death metal record that sets them apart from their counterparts in the underground metal world.

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