Photo: Bobby Jones

am at a point in my life right now that I literally can’t think of any words to describe how I’m feeling. I’ve never thought about my own situation in life so much and been so unable to put words to what it I’m going through.

Photo: Bobby Jones

It’s been a crazy past few weeks. Election week put me all out of whack, and I feel like I haven’t really recovered from it. My classes are amping up in a big way. I’ve found myself writing and rewriting essay after essay trying to give myself some time before finals week rolls around. But, I feel like I’m not doing enough. I have to finish two 12-page essays before this coming Monday as well as, like, three six-pagers.

Normally, this sort of workload wouldn’t really bother me, but instead of sprinting to the finish line like I normally do, I feel like I’m limping. I feel like I’m not bouncing back. It feels terrible.

Yet, I have so much in my life that I can be happy about. Over the course of the past few weeks, my friends have done so much for me. The editors at The Sentry designed and printed beautiful stickers for my campaign which became our go-to propaganda. My classmates have been congratulating me everyday for being elected. My family even reached out to wish me all the best over the course of the past few weeks, something I honestly didn’t expect to happen.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is something like this: my life has become substantially more difficult in these past few weeks, but I’m supported by those who are close to me. The hardest parts of my semester really are just a week away and once they are over, they’re over. I find tremendous comfort in that.

I find myself thinking about how happy I’ll be here in the not so distant future. I think that future is something I’m a lot more ready to put words to.

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