Rocky start for Colorado baseball

The Rockies disappoint but do not surprise
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The Rockies have started off their 25th anniversary year characteristically—rocky. The team has only played 18 out of 162 games on the season, so it’s difficult to say what the rest of the year holds in store, but despite their stellar offense, they are definitely no power ranking for the National League West, or the entire MLB.

Not so fresh off a rough start to the season, the team geared up for a 7-day home stand while light snow fell across the Denver skyline. Opening Day for the Rockies was almost N-opening Day on April 6. The Rockies’ social media team announced on Twitter that they would be calling the day “Snowpening Day,” as they also announced a game delay. Fans waited patiently in typical Colorado winter conditions for the game to start an hour later than expected.

The high for the day was 43 degrees.

Both shortstop Trevor Story and right fielder Carlos Gonzalez recorded their first home runs on the season, but the Rockies fell short with only three runs against the Braves’ eight. They lost the series, scoring only six runs against 14.

After playing the Braves, the Rockies entered a three-game series against the San Diego Padres, which, by the end, proved to be particularly problematic, especially for third baseman Nolan Arenado.

In the last game of the series, Arenado charged the pitchers’ mound after being hit with an inside fastball from Padres’ starting pitcher, Luis Perdomo. In the previous game, Padres’ center fielder was hit with a 95-mph fastball by the Rockies’ veteran reliever Scott Oberg. Arenado ignited a bench-clearing brawl that got him ejected from the game.

Undoubtedly, the start of the season has proven to be interesting, but there’s been another addition to the team that’s worth noting. The Rockies took no days off in the offseason, and that included the stadium’s construction. The Rockies debuted a new scoreboard this season. Shaped like the Rocky Mountains, the extremely large television screen yields a whopping 8,369 square feet—a 258 percent increase from the old, boring rectangle scoreboard. According to the Rockies’ Twitter account, that’s 784 60-inch televisions, 6.8 million LEDs, and full 1080p quality.

The team currently holds the second place in their division, but the new scoreboard is certainly the best in the league.

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