Sentry writer attacks Metro student

Passionate writer will do anything for quote

This is Alli Ackerman, writer for the CU Denver’s newspaper, The Sentry. I’m going out onto Auraria campus to get a CU Denver student’s opinion on what cultural diversity means to them. 

Photo: Erica Barillari • The Sentry

Ackerman: Hi, I’m a writer from The Sentry, may I just ask you a quick question about cultural diversity?

Student: I have to get going quick, but yeah I would love to answer it!

AA: First if you wouldn’t mind telling me your name. Second, with CU Denver putting on their fourth annual Cultural Diversity event this year, what does cultural diversity on campus mean to you?

Student: My name’s Nina Ricoti and I’m a transfer student from the Midwest. I love that this campus has so many different cultures and people right here on campus. Back in the Midwest, it was mainly Germans—wait did you say CU Denver?

AA: I sure did.

Nina Ricoti: Oh, I go to Metro. Sorry, I should have asked that earlier. Shouldn’t you get a quote from a CU Denver student?

AA: Off the record Nina, I have a deadline to meet today, so I just need a quote. I’ll just say you go to CU Denver.

NR: Well, I don’t, that’s kind of messed up that you would change facts for your readers. Isn’t that a major rule for a journalist?

AA: Nina—can I call you Neenze? Come on, no one has to know. It’s cool.

NR: No it’s not, I have to go. Good luck with your deadline.

AA: (Walking quickly after Nina) Please! I’m desperate. It’s a Thursday evening—this place is a ghost town after 5 p.m. I’m doing this just one time.

NR: Stop following me! I don’t care if you don’t have a quote, not my problem. Maybe you should learn your lesson.

AA: Neenze, come on! You’re making this way harder than it has to be!

NR: (walking faster towards the parking garage) No, I have to go to work, leave me alone.

AA: (catching Nina’s arm) Please—I’m dying here! I just need one quote, and no one gets hurt.

NR: (scoffs and rips her arm away) What does that mean? Is that a threat?

AA: You know I can make you look good in the paper, and I can also make you look bad. Now give me a quote for Milo’s sake. (pulls Nina’s jacket while speeds up her pace)

NR: Let me go you freak! I’m going to report you!

AA: Um, no. It’s my job to report on you! That’s what I’ve been trying to do this whole time! (Runs at Nina and tackles her) (yelling in the parking garage) Erica! We’ve got a live one! Come quick.

(Erica Barillari; the Sentry Photographer, comes running from around the corner.)

(Both Erica and Alli are running full speed after Nina; echoes of their footsteps bounce off the parking garage’s cement walls.)

EB: Come on! All she needs is a quote! It’s not that hard.

NR: I’m calling the cops! This is harassment! Why does this always happen to me?

(Alli jumps onto Nina, knocking her to the ground.)

EB: Okay quick! Pick her up, I just need to get a snap quick!

(Nina Ricoti is struggling on the ground as Alli is on her back, a smile as proud as a hunter with his prized trophy kill.)

NR: Help! Help! These chicks are nuts! Police!

AA: Shhh, no one will hear you Neenze. No one’s here after 5 p.m., like I said earlier. You made this hard for yourself.

(Nina somehow gets out of Alli’s hold, and sprints away like a frightened deer.)

AA: Well, Erica, we lost one again! Interviewing is hard.

EB: Hey, you have passion and that’s going to get you a good quote soon.

AA: Thanks for staking out for a picture. Let’s try again tomorrow?

Erica: Hell yeah, that was kind of fun.

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