David Bowie | The Berlin Trilogy | Vinyl Review

Record Label: Parlophone
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Photo courtesy of: KXLP

In the 1970s, David Bowie consecutively released the Berlin trilogy, consisting of the albums Low, Heroes, and Lodger. Since its initial release, the trilogy hasn’t been on vinyl all together since 1991. The record label Parlophone released the vinyl set in its entirety on Feb. 23.

All three albums were recorded while Bowie found residence in the city of Berlin. During this phase of his musical career, he began to experiment with electronic music, krautrock, and ambient elements. The trilogy highlights Bowie’s trademark interstellar and psychedelic aura.

Low was the first of the three records, originally released in January of 1977. The album highlights Bowie’s glam-rock elements with electric guitars and wavy synthesizers, creating a sound that could find its home in the cosmos. “Always Crashing In The Same Car” has Bowie’s trademark vocals, sounding like a gentle plea over a beating synthesizer and drum kit.

Heroes is the quintessential David Bowie record. Being the only record out of the three to be recorded entirely in Berlin, the ambient and electronic inspiration find a perfect union in this record. The title track of the record is one that finds its way to defining the mood of 70s rock in Germany.

The simultaneous issuing of the three albums on vinyl allow for a new and mesmerizing experience of listening to Bowie’s signature tracks. The throwback elements to the 70s era of experimental rock are amplified by the vinyl, creating an immersive and authentic experience.

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