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Daily Archives: March 14, 2018

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SGA update

It’s election season! If you are a student aspiring to make change on campus or are looking for a way to get involved, SGA is the place for you.  Why should you run for office, you ask? Simple. You’ll be at the forefront for change

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Wellness Zone: Spiritual Health

The ingredients of spiritual wellness By Jeff Franklin, PhD What is spiritual health? It would be presumptuous to think we can define this for others. Spiritual journeys are unique. In my case, I was raised in a devout Christian family and have been a practicing

Should students be able to opt-out of fees?

Fees benefit everyone Opinion by Padideh Aghanoury Student fees are an inevitable part of college. These fees help pay for a variety of necessary features on a campus that are not fully funded by tuition alone. For example, students in the College of Liberal Arts

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CU Denver is targeting the wrong students

An untraditional campus calls for untraditional students Adam Smith, the father of economics, proposed that countries should specialize in their most efficient means of production relative to others. Today, this translates into businesses cutting non-revenue generators to focus on producing efficiency. Universities are businesses that

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Donovan Blot: musician, poet, student

Florida native takes on Denver Donovan Blot is a prodigy in the making. Pulling from his Florida roots, Blot is transforming the world around him from every beat in his music to every verse of his poetry. A graduate from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

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Jack Kroll is ready for the future

Tech and education are colliding Jack Kroll sat down at a long, wooden table lined with an assortment of rolling chairs that make up the centerpiece of The Sentry’s office—the same table he used to work at as a Sentry employee. With a cup of

Pencil Shavings

I’m sitting on the couch trying out every Snapchat filter on my face, taking 100 of the same pictures of my dogs sleeping on the couch next to me, and occasionally scrolling through Instagram to see the same posts I saw 10 minutes ago. I

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Spring Breakers beware of potential risks during travel

Tainted booze still flows at tropical resorts More than half of college students plan to hit the road this spring break with destinations such as Las Vegas, Nevada; Cancun, Mexico; and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, according to the Chicago Tribune. With CU Denver’s spring break

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The world’s most average skiier

Elizabeth Swaney is the hero the Olympics Need Elizabeth Swaney has wanted to compete in the Olympic Games since she was 7 years old. This year in PyeongChang, Swaney represented Hungary while competing in the women’s ski halfpipe competition. However, Swaney’s performance stood out in