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Daily Archives: March 7, 2018

Blood Tangent | Column

The dark circles around my eyes really bring out the hazel in them, my chapped lips bring out the crooked whiteness of my teeth. I’m eating dairy-free ice cream for breakfast, baby food and handfuls of dry cereal for lunch. I’m not really into nutrition

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Movie trailers monopolize on classic songs

Why film trailers cover classics Anyone who shows up to a movie on time to see the never-ending sequence of trailers will also notice a different, still never-ending  trend: taking a popular classic song and replacing it with a depressing version of the original. What

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Heavy Metal and the Satanic Panic

The myth behind metal and satan Heavy metal, a genre of music that is familiar to most, has often been closely associated with Lucifer despite not actually being “the Devil’s music.” This popular genre of music didn’t always have dark connotations—at least not in the

Department of Education fails LGBTQ+ community

New position will not overpower CU On Monday, Feb. 12, the US Department of Education confirmed that they would no longer be investigating or taking action on any complaints filed by transgender students who have been banned from using restrooms that match their gender identity.

Auraria Campus’ future is looking green

Chris Herr makes new goals for the SCP Auraria’s Sustainability Campus Program (SCP) has become aware of reducing the ecological footprint of this campus over the past few years they established. A pilot for a new composting program has been running in the Tivoli. There

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After discovering A$AP Ferg this past weekend (I know, I’m behind with the times), I did some visual research on him. And by research I mean looking at a picture of him because he’s next-level hot. With this creeping, I found an interview he had

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More Olympic wardrobe highlights

An update on the coolest outfits of winter The Olympics, outside of being an event of the world’s fiercest competitors, is also a showcase of some of the most creative wardrobes in competitive sports today. Kana Muramoto, who is a figure skater representing Japan, dazzled

Conflict in the Middle East hits home

The world watches as tensions rise Conflict is spreading across the Middle-Eastern region of the globe. Tensions have risen between Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel as they try to slow Iranian influence in the region. At the same time, Turkey is beginning to enter

Beach House | Lemon Glow | Single Review

Record Label: Sub-Pop Records Beach House’s “Lemon Glow” gives a serene feeling but with an element of discomfort. With the unsettling background music and the soft undertone of vocalist Victoria Legrand’s voice, “Lemon Glow” gives the listener an overwhelming sense of stillness. In many senses,

Love us? Hate us? Tell us.

I once changed my major because I was terrified of taking one class: poetry workshop. It was the last requirement I needed to complete the creative writing track of my English degree, but because I kept having traumatic flashbacks to my high school poetry (which featured