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Daily Archives: February 28, 2018

Parks and Rec vs. The Office

Pawnee forever Opinion by Taylor Kirby Parks and Recreation and The Office have become sworn enemies of sitcom. Though their similarities begin and end with their premise—both are mockumentaries about American workplaces—fans have insisted on pitting these comedies against each other for the better part

Foreign language education is lacking

CU Denver needs more language requirements Currently, according to, 60 percent of people in the world speak multiple languages—meaning that a minority of the world population can only speak one language. However, according to The Atlantic, only one percent of American adults can speak

Pencil shavings

I was born into a dog family. Within the first day of my life, I had already been licked by a dog (and probably fallen in love). Kona was the name of my family’s dog at the time, and I grew up with her. She was

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Letter to the editor

The colors of mental health By Lalitya Andaloori and Bryan Garcia As our school prepares to open a new Wellness Center soon, we must ensure the center is focused on promoting not just physical health, but mental health as well. We surveyed over one hundred

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Olympic wardrobe highlights

The coolest outfits of winter The end of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games calls for a moment to reflect on the most memorable wardrobes worn by athletes around the world. Pita Taufatofua, the sole representative from Tonga for this year’s Olympics, beared the frigid cold

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This semester, I’ve been lucky enough to take an independent study course for Intro to Scientific Media Design. My professor let us pursue anything that could be applicable to such a class, so I chose to dedicate the semester to scientific illustrations of the South

Transition of the Sentry

Student organizations on campus are entering a period of transition. SGA is preparing itself for a new election cycle, clubs are finalizing nominations for next year’s officers, and the Sentry is actively hiring its 2018-19 editorial team. Even though I was hired as Editor in

Blood Tangent | Column

Being a tween in the early 2000s was pretty tame. We didn’t grow up with the hottest couple being Kurt and Courtney or Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg—it was Joe Jonas and Demi fucking Lovato. When I was a young little punk in my own

Vinyl or digital: which one is better?

Vinyl isn’t just background noise by Allison Ackerman The millennial generation is the generation that grew up with the evolution of the CD to MP3, MP3s to streaming apps. Millennials have not only experienced multiple new technologies in the music world but have also had

Grace VanderWaal holds nothing back

Young singer gives refined performance Grace VanderWaal, winner of the 11th season of America’s Got Talent, took the stage at the Bluebird Theater on Feb. 16. The audience, a mix of pre-teen children as well as adults, waited eagerly as the minutes ticked past seven