Migos | Culture II | Album Review

Record Label: Capitol Records
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Photo courtesy of Genius

Released in late January, Culture II by Migos is just more of their old sound in a shiny new package. This is the third studio album to come from the hip hop trio, but the core sound of Migos’ artistry remains the same.

Considering that Culture II has surpassed Culture for record sales, there is still major support for any release from Migos. With previous singles “MotorSport” and “Stir Fry” being a memorable and engaging new sound for listeners, some of the tracks on Culture II don’t deliver the same excitement.

Songs like “Narcos” and “Auto Pilot” offer improved production quality through the beats and syncing between the rapping and drum work; however, some of the lyricism and artistry lack in complexity and creative metaphors that were stronger in their earlier work.

However, despite the lack of extreme bars and lyrics that hook listeners in with metaphors and vulgarity, Culture II shows the production prowess of Migos’ artistry through their instrumentalization. In “Too Much Jewelry,” listeners are greeted by notes from a flute that is reminiscent of classic R&B/soul melodies. This addition to the track creates a sudden pleasant switch from the typical electronic drum machine sounds.

Culture II is  a marker in Migos’ career as they are still attempting to define their own “culture,” and once defined, listeners can expect more evolved, avant-garde trap and hip hop sounds.

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