Fighting back against the cold commute

Photo credit: Erica Barillari • CU Denver Sentry

Tips and Tricks to Keep Warm

In Colorado, the earlier months of the year tend to be cold and snowy. Because of that, commuting can be a hazardous endeavor. In the spring semester, here are some tips to keep warm and stay safe.

Karley Sun, a junior Creative Writing major, mentions that the worst part of the cold commute is waiting for the Light Rail. “It sucks if you miss a train because you have to wait another 20 minutes for a W line,” Sun said. “The Garrison and Wadsworth stations are the worst because they don’t have any protection from the wind.” However, Sun does have one tip to keep warm: “I bring a hat and a scarf anytime it’s below 40 degrees,” said Sun. Sun’s wisdom is grounded in research. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over 13,400 froze to death in the United States from 2003-2013.

Photo credit: Erica Barillari • CU Denver Sentry

Another way to keep the cold at bay is by getting closer to other commuters on the train, namely friends. As stated in The Independent, humans are “warm-blooded creatures and our bodies produce heat; when we get together, this is naturally multiplied,” so it could help keep the long ride toasty and free from any of the cold that might be outside. Just make sure to respect people’s boundaries.

But there are more options besides wearing heavy clothing and huddling for warmth with friends. Jin Lee, a senior Psychology major, suggests checking the forecast before leaving the house. She also mentions that showing up exactly on time is a good idea so that no waiting is necessary. Since that is not always possible, Lee has another trick: “Sometimes, when it’s really bad, I’ll wait in the elevator,” she said.

The last tip for braving the cold is the use of hand warmers. The small pouches fit perfectly into gloves and pockets, thus adding an extra bit of warmth.  “Hand-warmers, if used properly, are a good method,” Katana Gifford, a senior and English Writing major, said, But she warns that “They should not be touching the skin, as they can cause burns.”

So whether a student commutes frequently or not, it is always best to be prepared for whatever the Colorado weather decides to do. Keep bundled up, grab some hand warmers, and embrace the cold.

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