CU Denver celebrates Milo’s fifth birthday

Photo credit: Erica Barillari • CU Denver Sentry

Fourth Annual Milo Mile

student-led initiative in 2013 brought CU Denver mascot Milo the Lynx to life. Before then, CU Denver students didn’t have a mascot to represent the student body. To commemorate Milo’s fifth birthday, students, faculty, and staff gathered in the Tivoli quad for the fourth annual Milo Mile.

Arranged by the CU Denver Office of Events and Partnerships, the event is an annual celebration to promote school spirit surrounding Milo.

“We worked really hard to arrange this,” Jesse Credit from the Office of Events and Partnerships said. “Over 100 people RSVPed for the event.” The hard work paid off, resulting in a crowded birthday celebration for the school’s beloved mascot.

Photo credit: Erica Barillari • CU Denver Sentry

Most colleges have a mascot to represent the student body and to cheer on the school’s sports teams. What makes Milo unique to CU Denver is the student involvement in his story. Only a handful of colleges in the country can say that their mascot was created entirely by the student body. From the choice of the animal, the design, and name, each facet of Milo’s character was created from the minds of CU Denver students.

Runners began to show up at 9:00 for the 9:30 run. Milo led the runners in a stretching session before the run began.

After a chorus of CU Denver students and staff sang happy birthday to Milo, the race began. Racers ran across the Tivoli quad, down 11th street, looped around the North Classroom, and down Larimer street to bring them back to the Tivoli. The CU Denver Cheer and Dance team encouraged racers in the final stretch of the run. Milo met each runner at the finish line, giving each one a high five.

Once all runners had completed the course, the party moved indoors to the Tivoli Turnhalle where event goers could take photos with Milo at a photobooth, sign a birthday card, and eat a satisfying post-run breakfast.

The Cheer and Dance team returned with a special birthday routine for Milo, during which he danced along in the audience. The routine concluded with the dancer’s pom-poms flashing “M-I-L-O,” causing him to cheer wildly with the rest of the audience.

One of the highlights of the indoor celebration was the arrival of two of Milo’s closest friends–Rowdy the Roadrunner from Metro State University and the Cityhawks from the Community College of Denver. All three hugged and jumped with excitement for being together on such a special day.

To close the birthday party, awards were given to the runners and Milo’s birthday cake was cut and served. Attendees left Milo’s birthday bash with full stomachs and cheered.

Named to represent the special location of CU Denver in the “Mile High City” and the “Lower Downtown” area, Milo makes sure to bring an infectious school spirit with him wherever he goes. At the Milo Mile, the school pride was evident with the gathering of students, faculty, and staff coming together with the sole purpose of celebrating their esteemed mascot’s fifth birthday.

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