New albums to anticipate for 2018

Records to keep an eye out for
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This year has already started off with ample album releases that have captured listeners’ ears. From the gritty hip hop and trap hooks in MigosCulture II to the soft vocals and earthy melodies of First Aid Kit’s Ruins, January has already set the standard for new sounds to come in 2018. Looking ahead, here are 10 albums to anticipate  this year.

First, a throwback to the early 2000s with Franz Ferdinand releasing Always Ascending on Feb. 9. Another 2000s favorite, The Wombats, will release their new album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life. Indie-rock reigns supreme as both of these artists will undoubtedly bring in both rock and post-punk elements into their new releases, satisfying long-time listeners and new fans alike. 

MGMT returns from the depths of their own psychedelic rock galaxy with  Little Dark Age. Titled after their popular single of the same name, the album will feature both previously released singles as well as new music to create a whimsical medley of their eccentric style and discography thus far. From the soothing vibrations of synthesizers and vocal harmonies in “Hand It Over,” to the crisp plucked strings and bright beat in “When You Die,” this refreshing mix of both old and new in Little Dark Age will be a new way to view MGMT’s music as more than a collection of songs.

February will close with Vance Joy’s Nation of Two. Known for his popular song “Riptide,” which took indie radio stations by storm in the spring of 2013, Nation of Two is already showing a new deviation from Joy’s usual perky indie-pop sound. In a sample from the new album, the song “We’re Going Home” takes a solemn turn with strong chord progressions and vocals that create a simple but pleasing harmony.

On March 2, Moby plans to release Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt. Moby maintains his electronica beats and ambient sound in “Like A Motherless Child,” where his vocals serve as the bassline for a deep bass riff and heavy synthesizers. Additionally, Titus Andronicus will release A Productive Cough. Titus Andronicus’ single from the album shows a new sound direction in “Number One (In New York).” The strong vocals that are characteristic of the band’s past albums remain but have taken a melancholy turn, leaving much to anticipate about the sound of this new release.

April will shower listeners with new sounds from Dr. Dog with their 10th album, Critical Equation. Dr. Dog’s eccentric sound has attracted more and more fans with each new addition to their discography. Typically, Dr. Dog’s upbeat songs and extravagant choruses have a frenzied, wild energy due to the structure of major chords and alternating beats the band composes. But in Critical Equations, a change might be on the horizon as their single from the album, “Listening In” is more subdued with slower, simpler beats.

Kimbra’s release in April, Primal Heart, is bound to lure in fans, especially since her original album’s release date—once planned for January—has since been pushed back, leaving her fans famished for her eclectic songs.

Although these albums may or may not pique some listeners’ interests, there are many more unannounced albums to still look forward to. Two highly anticipated albums with yet to-be-announced dates are The ChromaticsDear Tommy and Vampire Weekend’s Mocha Macchiato.

With new bands dominating the music scene every year, one can only imagine what 2018 will sound like.

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