Cardi B & Bruno Mars | Finesse | Music Video Review

Bruno Mars Cardi B Finesse Credit: Bruno Mars/Instagram

Credit: Bruno Mars/Instagram
Directed by Bruno Mars

While everyone is stuck on the return of the 80s, Bruno Mars and Cardi B are portraying a more recent era: the 90s. Mars’ latest music video for “Finesse” is upbeat and amusing. What sets this video apart from today’s basic reels isn’t just Cardi B and her eccentric style and animated attitude, but the flawless set design and choreography to create a perfect homage to the nostalgia of the 1990s. The set is modeled exactly after the set of “Fly Girls,” from the sketch comedy show In Living Color, and it seems that the wardrobe—and everything else—is too. Even if it isn’t a 90s throwback, the video appears to be taken in one shot using various cameras and camera angles (adopting a 90s style of filming), adding to the overall clarity and realistic aesthetic of the production itself. Between the camera angles, set design, and wardrobe, the entire production transports viewers to the late 20th century for three and a half minutes. In doing so, he makes everyone want to be “out here drippin’ in finesse.”

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